Swimming with Piranhas

Ruby with the Red Lipstick

ruby copy

This portrait was taken in the cabin of a shaman deep in the jungles of Ecuador. After picking some achiote, a common ingredient in red lipstick, Ruby applied some onto her lips creating a striking contrast and an interesting photograph.

Sand bar in the Cuyabeno River


We camped on this sand bar in the middle of the Cuyabeno River. This photograph was taken at dusk before a night that created incredible storms and twelve solid hours of rain. There was concern that our island might disappear, but we remained on high enough ground to avoid such a disaster. In the morning, however, our tent had a deep pool of water. At the end of the storm, we were all a bit wet, but we had made it.


Fishing for Piranha


With a strong stick, some fishing line, and some raw meat, we were able to catch a piranha. While these situations pictured above can lead to a chomped finger, generally it’s safe to swim in piranha infested waters.

Travel in Style


All photos by Dan Timoskevich